Solar Energy is the energy stored in sunlight. Traditionally, Solar Energy refers to the usable form of energy obtained by using rays of sunlight to generate heat or electricity. It is an infinitely renewable resource and unique for its ability to generate energy in the quietest, cleanest, and consistent manner. Nothing can beat the sun for being so cool!

Yes, AB Power PVT LTD comes with lithium-ion and multiple range battery storage packs.
The system will work during the day time using solar energy to run the home or business load and charges the batteries with free solar. In case of an outage during the daytime, there is a seamless transition from the Grid to the batteries to provide backup power.
During night time, the system discharges the batteries throughout peak tariff time and does not allow the charging from the Grid when the rates are high. Instead, it waits till the Sun rises or low grid rate is available to charge the batteries. In case there is an outage expected in the night time then the system won’t discharge the batteries before that, keeping them fully charged to provide backup during load-shedding hours.
You won’t have to do anything or ever worry about load shedding. We ensures you have maximum availability of power at all times.

In bright sunlight, a square foot of conventional photovoltaic panels yields around 10 watts of power. However, when shading, spacing and walkway arrangements are factored in, PV systems yield around 5 watts per square foot. That is a handy rule of thumb for roughly estimating area you might need. For example, a 1000 watt system may need 100 – 150 square feet of area. Required area varies according to the type of PV module used.

Solar system size requirement depends upon your home’s energy needs, available space and overall cost for components and installation. To get an estimate of the size of system for your needs, checkout our standard packages or call us at +92 302 6077119 to schedule a visit of our representative.

Yes, As per requirement, Location of solar panels have been changed in furfure. 

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